The Grant Napear show was a big show today. Callers were excited to talk all sports from the NBA playoffs, to the NHL playoffs.

First on the show Kenny Albert, Voice on the NY Rangers to talk all things Rangers hockey. Sharing his thoughts on the Rangers/Capitals series Albert said, “The last four games have been one goal games. The fourth game is always the toughest to win. I think that will be the case tomorrow.” Anytime an 8th seed team takes out and one and two seed in any sport is exciting to see, and that is the case with the LA Kings. Sharing his thoughts Albert said, “I don’t think you could find many people that would have said the LA Kings would be able to do what they have done.”

Next on the show Eddie Olczyk with NBC to talk all things NHL as the playoffs are at full tilt. Sharing his thoughts on how exciting the Capitals/Rangers series has been Olczyk said, “The dramatics of one goal games, and overtimes. This series has had everything, great hockey.” Commenting on the Capitals, and if they will be able to come back after last nights game Olczyk said, “They are a resilient team. I think they will be able to bounce back after last night.” Every sport seems to be trying to clean up their games. The sports world is tying to get rid of dirty play and in the NHL’s case dirty hits. Sharing his thoughts Olczyk said, “ For the most part they are trying, I think the league needs to be more harsh with their penalties. We all know the difference between a good play and someone trying to do harm.”

Andrew Baggerly with CSN Bay area then came on the show to talk Giants baseball, sharing his thoughts on the team’s defense Baggerly said, “The Giants have not played good defense all year.” He went on to say, “They have good starting pitching and maybe that’s how they are going to win games.” With that said Baggerly feels that the one downfall on the Giants pitching staff is the fact that they need to be able to go longer, saying, “They need to go deeper in the game then they are, that will take the pressure off of the defense.” When asked about Tim Lincecum and his early season struggles Baggerly said, “They realize that he has to n ace in order for this team to be where they want to be.”


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