Obama’s Reno Visit Brings Out Supporters, Protesters

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RENO (CBS13) – You can imagine how excited people were in a Nevada neighborhood that President Barack Obama visited days after his historic announcement in support of same-sex marriage.

It’s not every day that the most powerful person on the planet, rolls into your neighborhood.

The president was in Reno touting jobs, but the hot button issue of gay marriage, and the president’s days old endorsement, had the crowd buzzing.

“It was about time somebody came out and stood up for our country. There’s a lot of freedoms and that should be one of them,” said supporter Melissa Vertz.

The question remains, how will the announcement affect the president politically? Especially, in a swing state like Nevada that voted democrat in 2008.

“I think it’s something to keep everybody distracted while he goes about destroying the country,” said protester David Maher.

Just six months from the election, the majority of the crowd was not interested in talking politics, just enjoying the rare moment of a president in their backyard.

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