SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Last year L Street was blocked off for the AMGEN Tour of California, but this year they won’t be rolling into town at all and some people say that could impact their business.

“[There was a] big tent outside and a band and food, and we’d sell stuff,” said Gordon Ong, City Bicycle Works owner.

It was nonstop business for Ong and his crew at City Bicycle Works, but this year will be a little more mellow.

While business is steady for Gordon, he says it certainly isn’t like it was last year when the tour was in town.

“Business wise was better when the tour came through,” said Ong.

Shops in Sacramento and small towns like Auburn, which cater to the biker industry, say they expect a much slower pace of business in town this week.

“Businesses were selling food, and rooms were booked,” said business owner Bill Marengo.

For some people, not having the bike race happen in their own backyard is a big let down but they say they understand how popular this sport can be, especially in a large state like California.

“It helps to have it here, but you can’t always have it in Sacramento,” said Ong.

Organizers of the tour say they appreciate the support from Sacramento and look forward to making a stop in the city again soon.


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