Scott Reiss from Comcast Sports Net Bay Area joined Grant to talk about the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are coming off losing 2 out of 3 games to the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Scott said that losing 2 of 3 is not good, but it is better than a sweep.

Then they looked ahead to the Giants series against the struggling Arizona Diamondbacks, who swept the Giants earlier this season. The Diamondbacks’ struggles have come on the offense end of things, where they’ve been without starting Centerfielder Chris Young. Scott said that Arizona is a good offensive ball club that seems to figure things out when they play the Giants.

Next, Grant and Scott discussed the Giants pitching staff, namely Madison Bumgarner, Tim Lincecum and Barry Zito. Scott called Bumgarner possibly the best pitcher San Francisco has, and that his contract could be one of the best ever inked by the Giants. Tim Lincecum also got a new contract, but has struggled, and could be the Giants 5th best starter right now. Lincecum’s struggles have come as Barry Zito has had a resurgence that has everyone scratching their heads. Scott said he hasn’t lost faith in Lincecum, since he has shown flashes of his old self, with his velocity climbing. He also said that Lincecum’s struggles have mostly been one inning deals, and with his mechanics, little things easily go wrong.

The Giants’ offense and defense have both struggled this season. Scott said that the pitching staff must be used to the lack of runs, and it might be contributing to Lincecum’s issues. However, the early struggles will turn around and the run support will balance itself out. The offensive issues are compounded by other mistakes on defense, and boneheaded plays on the base paths.

Finally, Grant and Scott talked about Shortstop Brandon Crawford. Crawford came in as a highly touted defensive shortstop, but he has struggled with the glove this season. Scott said that he isn’t concerned with Crawford’s defense and that it will turn around once he gains his confidence. The offensive issues for Crawford were to be expected because he was never considered an especially good hitter.


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