Today, Don begins with his thoughts on the “America’s Got Talent” season premiere last night, and how he thought Howard Stern did as a judge. He also tells us about a tweet that Weird Al posted yesterday, telling people to call him at a pay phone at the JFK Airport in New York. Don tries calling the number, then asks if pay phones even take incoming calls anymore, and better yet, do pay phones even exist anymore? We then hear about an “Evil Clown” in the UK that people can hire for their kid’s birthday, who will terrorize the kid for the whole birthday week. Don thinks that would be a great job for Craig to have.

After a lengthy discussion about moonshine, and how to make it, including some expertise by Slow Joe Ardinger, the guys talk about the sales lady who wants to be on the show, but has apparently been scared out of it by the other sales people. This gets the guys talking about what if the station was on the show “Survivor?” Who would form alliances, and who would get voted off? We also hear about a tattoo artist who has magnets surgically implanted into the skin of his wrist so that he can have his iPod Nano attached to him wherever he goes.

Little Joe gives Don a 42 page list of pay phone numbers in the Sacramento area, and Don tries calling a couple, before telling us about an email he got from one of his radio consultant buddies, on “how to promote a morning show.” Don plays a few examples of the promos being used by different morning shows (all overseas), and the guys laugh at how jivey they are. We then get another visit from legendary comedian Bill Cosby! Bill, who will be performing at the Silver Legacy this Friday, spends 40 minutes with the guys, and tells us about impersonating his grandad in the original theme song to “The Bill Cosby Show,” his thoughts on Albert Pujols, meeting Elvis and Johnny Cash, and his friendship with the late Carroll Shelby.

After Don plays a few clips from his favorite Bill Cosby comedy album, we hear a few other clips from recent news, including the ending of the world’s longest guitar solo, a “Son Of A Bitch” montage, Britney saying she’s “excited” about being on “X Factor,” and the tanning mom saying she’s interested in posing for Playboy. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the premiere of last night’s “America’s Got Talent,” and its ratings, an “Anchorman 2” teaser that will appear at tonight’s midnight showing of “The Dictator,” and ABC is the most popular network among viewers. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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