Couple Evicted From Sacramento House Filled With Garbage, Cats

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Neighbors in a Sacramento neighborhood got fed up after an elderly couple let their property get to a horrendous and hazardous point.

“Garbage chest-high on the property, so lots of cats, lots of cans of cat food. Sad, sad situation,” said neighbor Gina Knepp.

Animal Control estimates there were at least 30 cats running around the Del Paso Heights property, but neighbors say there may even be more.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is probably dead cats in their too,” said another neighbor.

Animal Control says they were called out to the home after concern over whether the couple, who had been evicted, would leave the cats.

The former owner didn’t want to speak to CBS13, but neighbors had a lot to say.

“It just reeks of cat feces,” a neighbor said. “It’s disgusting.”

Neighbors are relieved code enforcement boarded up the home and removed the former owners. They hope it will finally get rid of the stench.

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