SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Allegations of hidden money, a secret sex life, and lies. They’re all being raised after an elected leader was caught in a school district scandal.

It’s Trustee Cortez Quinn’s turn for a ride on what has become something like a drama-filled ferris wheel at Twin Rivers School District.

“The documents appear to indicate that we have a board member Cortez Quinn who got some substantial personal loans from an employee,” said Trinette Marquis, Director of Communication at Twin Rivers Unified School District.

It’s an alleged $55,000 loan. State law bars any officeholder from accepting personal loans from employees.

The district confirms they have forwarded Quinn’s case to the district attorney.

Documents show Quinn did not disclose the loan, but that’s just the start. A school district employee has also filed a paternity case against Quinn. And that employee has a restraining had a restraining order filed against her by a female co-worker.

Quinn could not be reached for comment.

“There may be too much drama to analyze there,” said John Ennis, Twin Rivers Teacher’s Union president.

Ennis supports Quinn and says the revelations are political payback by the district, after a district-endorsed candidate was just revealed to have a felony record.

“And you know this kind of thing, everyday it seems like it’s something going on,” said Ennis.

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