STOCKTON (CBS13) – By the end of last weekend it looked the crackdown on crime worked. But Thursday, people who live here wonder if it was even worth it.

Margot Funk is frustrated as she tries to understand why the criminals her city worked so hard to put behind bars are already free.

“What’s the point of arresting them, and then a short time later releasing them again?” said Funk.

And she’s not alone.

“It’s just like it was a waste of time,” said Yvonne Kennon. “They’re out here, they got all the extra cops but what’s the use to doing everything to keep them in if it’s hard?”

Stockton police and other agencies teamed up to capture the city’s most wanted on May 11. So why are four of every five suspects back on the streets?

It appears either jail overcrowding or the district attorney not filing charges.

“That’s something that as a police department we can’t control,” said Stockton police spokesman Detective Joe Silva.

Police are now left to work a revolving door of criminal justice. So what good is it doing?

“Well, we are putting them on notice, that the citizens want us out there, and we are going to be out there,” said Silva.

While Funk is thankful for the crackdown, she says there must be a crackdown on the justice system that’s granting known criminals almost instant freedom.

“To use all the police, and extra manpower, and the money, and turn right around and release them again, I think it’s kind of dumb,” said Funk.

Police say they’ll continue to saturate the highest crime areas of the city with officers, hoping that will help deter crime.

And, police will also start a Community Response Team that will focus on crime in the toughest areas.


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