SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A South Sacramento family just wants to get their missing dog home, but not before they pay a price.

It all started when the Hopkins returned home Sunday to find one of their four furry “children” missing.

“We spent the next several hours scouring the neighborhood,” said Kyle Hopkins.

They posted fliers around the neighborhood and one day later received a call from a man named Anthony, who claimed he knew of a relative who had the dog. Then the Hopkins got a call from the so-called relative who knew things about Mary Jane only someone who had seen her could.

“They were able to describe her down to the fact she only has one white paw, and on the fliers we posted only had MJ. They knew her full name as printed on her tag,” said Hopkins.

The couple thought their prayers had been answered until the man who called himself David and another woman on the phone demanded money before they’d turn over little Mary Jane.

“There was a woman. I don’t know who she was but she was the one initially saying, ‘I want to get paid and you need to give me money to get your dog back,’” said Hopkins.

CBS13 tried calling Anthony. He said he wasn’t a snitch and wouldn’t provide any information about Mary Jane’s whereabouts.

CBS13 tried calling the woman, but had no answer.

The Hopkins filed a police report but Sacramento police say there’s very little they can do.

Now they’re just hoping someone out there will have a heart and help bring little Mary Jane home where she can be reunited with her family.


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