MODESTO (CBS13) – Modesto police say a grandpa used his car as a weapon, jeopardizing his grand-son’s life, as he tried to rob a store.

It was complete shock for many people outside an Orchard Supply store in Modesto after police say an elderly man robbed the store with his 2-year-old grandson in his arms.

“To be a thief and then involve a kid like that with him, it’s just wrong,” said customer Craig Sawyer.

John Guadalupe Martinez, 65, allegedly walked out of the hardware store with power tools he didn’t pay for, and that’s when a brave employee stepped in.

Police say the store employee pulled a forklift behind the suspect’s vehicle.

But Martinez allegedly didn’t stop there; police say he rammed the forklift with his truck at least three times with the child unrestrained in the back seat.

Martinez was able to escape before dropping off the 2 year old at a relative’s house

“The officers located the vehicle as it pulled into the registered owner’s address,” said Lt. Jeremy Young, Modesto Police Department.

With the help of witnesses jotting down the license plate, it only took Modesto police 19 minutes to track him down.

But some say using a forklift to help stop a robber isn’t exactly the smartest idea.

Police say Martinez is facing multiple charges, including robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.


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