RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – The man accused of shooting a police K9 is dead, after police say they were forced to return fire.

The dog’s injuries even made the vet who’s taking care of him emotional.

He has been through something most of us never will, but the Sacramento police dog named Bodie is doing amazingly well.

“We’re just really proud to see him improve like that,” said veterinarian Dr. Christopher Wong.

Wong got emotional at times when talking about the canine officer recovering from a gun shot wound to his face and tongue and another to his paw.

“It’s so much to come through, and we were worried about him all night and for the last 24 hours,” said Wong.

Bodie was shot Friday as he was pursuing a suspect in Land Park. The alleged driver of a stolen vehicle led police on a high speed chase before running into a neighborhood’s backyard.

“Another one down here, that’s the one that hit the box,” said Land Park resident Steve Woods.

Woods showed CBS13 where the bullets entered his yard. Police say just next door is where that, still unnamed, suspect opened fire on both Bodie and his officer handler. That officer would return fire, killing the man.

“Nobody wants to have that happen in their neighborhood, so it’s bad deal,” said Woods.

Police have arrested Leslie McCulley, the apparent passenger in the stolen vehicle. She’s now facing a list of charges.

“Bodie’s condition has been upgraded fortunately to serious stable,” said Wong.

While police continue their investigation, Bodie continues to heal. The German shepherd’s tongue is so swollen from the bullet doctors have brought in medical leaches to help bring it down.

All the while, his officer partner has been by his side, hoping that soon the hero dog will get back on duty.

“The worry is whether he can return to work or not, and we’re going to give everything we can to give him that opportunity,” said Wong.

For information on K9 officers, visit the Sacramento Police Canine Association website.


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