OLIVEHURST (CBS13) – A dispute among neighbors that went on all day ended with one man shot dead and his wife sent to the hospital over the weekend.

“I got a phone call saying my daughter’s been shot,” Rick Wheeler told CBS13 on Monday.

His daughter, Rosie Wheeler, 23, and future son-in-law Joseph Stancil Jr., also 23, had been gunned down right in front of his house on Brougham Way in Olivehurst.

“I don’t need Jerry Springer,” he said. “I got the neighbors.”

Neighbors, many of them afraid to appear on camera, say Rick’s daughter and her fiancé had been arguing with neighbors.

“All-day thing,” one said.

The all-day confrontations were apparently fueled by beer and racial tensions.

“It was bad,” a neighbor said. “It was like racial slurs.”

A neighbor who did not want to be identified says he saw it spiral out of control from his front porch when he says Rosie Wheeler and Stancil began beating their neighbor’s wife.

“They grabbed his wife and began to pistol beat her,” the man said.

He said the husband ran out to protect his wife.

“The husband had to open fire in defense of his wife.”

Neighbors tell CBS13 that it all came to an end right when the suspect opened fire on his neighbors.

Rick’s daughter was shot multiple times in the stomach. She survived, but his future son-in-law died from his wounds.

“He’s the father of my grandchildren,” Rick said.

Gabriel Natal, 33 was arrested for the shooting.

Several neighbors witnessed the fighting and gunfire, but residents on the street have a history of staying silent for fear of retaliation.

“There’s still more people involved,” one woman said.

Natal is being held without bail in the Yuba County Jail but sheriff’s detectives are investigating the circumstances that led up to the shooting.


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