WOODLAND (CBS13) – Activists from Occupy Sacramento and Woodland went to battle Tuesday morning attempting to stop the eviction of Woodland family from their home after they say bank mistakes lead to foreclosure.

The activists say they would “defend” the home of Heriberto and Alma Ponce and their four children from eviction by the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department. A stay was eventually issued Tuesday afternoon postponing the action.

Activists set up several tents outside the Paradise Drive home. Banners reading “Houses are for people not for banks” and “Wanted: Wells Fargo” have been draped on the home.

houses are for people Activists Protest Woodland Homes Foreclosure

A sign reading “Houses Are For People Not For Banks” drapes the front of a Woodland home. (credit: CBS)

According to reports by representatives of the family, the foreclosure came after the Ponces were approved for a final loan modification by Wells Fargo more than a year ago. But, the bank made mistakes on the final paperwork and the house was sold in foreclosure.

CBS13 had calls into Wells Fargo, but didn’t hear back.

The family says if they were evicted, they would end up living in their car.

“The only place I have at this moment if I was to be evicted at 6 o’clock today is that car right there,” Alma Ponce said.

Meanwhile, the Bill of Rights legislation aimed at protecting California homeowners is still making its way through committees at the Capitol.

The bill was announced three months ago to strengthen a landmark settlement with the Big 5 mortgage lenders.

“It’s only been weeks since that took effect,” said Sen. Noreen Evans (D, 2nd District). “What I’d say to homeowners is we’re working as quickly as the Legislature can possibly work.”

We’re told to expect a vote on the Homeowners Bill of Rights by next week or the following week. Unless supporters can secure a two-thirds vote, it wouldn’t take effect until Jan. 1.

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