PLACER (CBS13) – They’re hidden, they don’t need to be plugged in, they transmit video wirelessly and there’s one other feature that’s impressing veteran cops.

The company Videofied markets their cameras to cops across the country, and they’re certainly getting thumbs up from Placer County.

Deputies borrowed cameras in hopes of catching a copper crook targeting phone towers near Colfax off Secretown Road.

“That dramatically affects the phone systems into Colfax, such as the 911 system,” said Sgt. Brian Whigam.

When cops say their crook came back, motion detectors signaled the camera to alert an operator at the camera company who called deputies.

“Our patrol officers responded to the scene, set up on the freeway and, low and behold, the suspect drives by,” said Whigam.

Allegedly on camera, then under arrest, that’s when detectives say Kenneth Wood started talking.

“He confessed he was the person who did it on three occasions also,” said Whigam. “If we can catch them on camera, that’s the way to do it.”

A camera and a confession, it is comfort for people that are happy to get some high tech help fighting crime.


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