DAVIS (CBS13) – In the current economy, a rapidly growing number of college graduates cannot find a job, but not all of them.

Some are getting phone calls from employers and offering them jobs.

These days, some of UC Davis senior Kimi Wong’s study breaks are spent sending out applications.

Finding out firsthand, a good job right out of college is far from a sure thing, unless you’re someone like Sean Southard.

Southard is a senior in high demand by employers. CBS13 asked what it’s like to be in high demand when a lot of his friends may not be.

“It’s a lot of going, well, how much you gonna pay me?” said Southard.

The senior is going to be an actuary, working with statistics, landing him on an exclusive list of students virtually guaranteed to find work.

According to a new report from CNN Money, four majors have a 0 percent unemployment rate, actuarial science, astrophysics, geophysics and pharmacology.

“I’ve had three job interviews this week, kinda crazy,” said Southard, who graduates in June.

You don’t hear that very often, or this: Sean says potential employers are actually calling him.

He’s already had several internships in a field with little local competition and extremely high demand.

“Only 25 stats majors graduate a year and they have a lot of exchange students, so very few coming out of Davis stay in the US,” said Southard.

So while his friends test a turbulent job market, Southard can sit back and let the offers flood in.

“There’s a couple [job offers], hopefully a few more coming in soon, so we’ll see,” said Southard.


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