ISLETON (CBS13) – Isleton Police Chief Steve Adams has been fired and says he’s stunned, claiming he had no idea about Wednesday night’s city council vote to remove him from his position.

Adams says he learned about losing his job when we called him.

Adams was put on paid leave after posting on Facebook that he wanted the media to know the truth about the department.

Once again, the city of Isleton is without a police chief and now CBS13 has learned that another officer may lose his badge after a CBS13 story uncovered allegations of sex on the job.

It was after CBS13 spoke to the officer’s wife that the city manager says he put the officer on paid leave. And while the city manager searches for a new police chief, Adams is searching for answers behind his termination.

“And I know I did a good job there, and I know I can walk away with my head held high,” said Adams.

The city manager tells CBS13 the entire city council voted to terminate Adams because they believe he’s underqualified.

“I would ask the city manager what qualifies him to be city manager at this point, when he’s never done this before in his life, you know,” said Adams. “I’ve got experience of being a police officer for many, many years.”

But two weeks ago, Adams’ clean employment record suffered a blemish when the city manager put him on paid leave, saying he needed to investigate a citizen complaint against Adams.

However, Adams points out the council didn’t fire him because of that alleged complaint.

“You know, I’d thought I’d be back to work here relatively soon,” said Adams.

But Adams says he’s got a inkling he was fired over Facebook.

“I came forward and I let the public, and the media, and the community know what’s going on,” said Adams. “Prior to my Facebook entry, I was the best police chief they ever had. The day after the Facebook entry, I was this horrible chief.”


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