Don begins the day by telling us about the big outdoor show tomorrow, that will include a mechanical bull, a visit from Dingus McGee’s restaurant, and a Miller Lite can opening contest. He also tells us that while there are no Outback Steakhouses in Australia, there are over 100 in Korea. Don decides to call a few, but only after Craig, who used to work at the Outback in Vacaville, tells us what they would do to the food if a guest was rude to them. We also hear that Roy (not LaRoy) from Siegfried and Roy, has been sexually assaulting his handlers, and there’s video of it that’s being shopped around.

We then hear excerpts from “50 Shades Of Grey” read by station staff members, including Steve Goss, Engineer Aaron, Ron from Promotions, and Nate Wiggle. Sean Salisbury then stops by. Sean tells us about never wearing a cup, why players should attend OTA’s, and even tells us why he thinks the Miami Heat will beat the Indiana Pacers. Afterhearing that Jim Parsons from “Big Bang Theory” is gay, we hear about a website that sells breast milk, and the guys who are buying it to fulfill their own fetishes.

We then hear that Conan doesn’t think he and Leno will ever talk to each other again, and in the new Rolling Stone, the surviving members of the Beastie Boys talk about dealing with the loss of MCA. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour. Today, Phantom tells us that the “American Idol” finale was the lowest rated ever, gives us the “Top 10 Disco Songs of All Time,” and we hear about a woman who was turned away from an American Airlines flight for wearing an anti-government shirt. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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