SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Were they dog-nappers demanding a ransom or people just asking for a reward?

Her tail is wagging after a hair-raising five days. Mary Jane is back with her mom and dad and dog friend.

Yes, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are reunited after a Sacramento police detective found this story’s villains.

“I was ecstatic. I was on the verge of tears, I was so happy,” said Mary Jane’s owner Caroline Hopkins.

Newlyweds Caroline and Kyle Hopkins may live happily ever after, but in real life things don’t always end the way you’d expect.

There won’t be a prosecution; there won’t be an arrest — even after Caroline says the people who had Mary Jane demanded money for her return.

Cops don’t have enough evidence to show there was a demand or threat.

“I think people feel kind of entitled to receiving some kind of compensation and that’s what might’ve happened here,” said Sgt. Andrew Pettit.

Asking for a reward may be classless, but apparently it’s not a crime.

“Well, that’s called extortion because we never offered them a reward,” said Kyle.

Either way, Mary Jane is back at home looking cleaned, groomed, and well-fed.

“She seems distant from the other dogs right now, but she seems happy,” said Caroline.

Whether it was ransom or request for reward, Mary Jane is now rescued.

It’s an ending this couple waited nearly a week for.

“We have our dog back and that’s the end of it,” said Kyle.


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