SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Vets didn’t think Patsy would make it. It’s been a long road of recovery for the bulldog since she was found on the streets of Sacramento three months ago.

“She has a little tail that’s broken in three places,” said Amy Martin, who adopted Patsy.

She was abandoned and covered in mange.

“Her entire body was covered with scabs,” said Melisse Munroe, took Patsy into her shelter.

She was most likely the victim of animal cruelty.

“They just took scissors and cut her ears off to make her look like a fighting dog,” said Martin.

If the pit-mix pup was bred to fight, they failed, according to her new owner Martin.

Martin believes Patsy just didn’t have it in her and that’s likely why her previous owners dumped her.

“It broke my heart,” said Martin. “In fact, I still want to cry when I think about it.”

Patsy almost never got this second chance at life. A Sacramento shelter picked her up off the streets, but no one wanted to adopt her.

Just one day from euthanasia, the shelter emailed pictures of Patsy to others shelters that might want her.

“She just didn’t look the part of a cute little dog you would like to adopt,” said Martin.

A shelter in Nevada County responded and set Patsy up in foster care.

“After seeing her picture, we couldn’t say no,” said Munroe.

Munroe cared for Patsy through her mange, all the while crossing her fingers she could find her a permanent home.

Luckily, she didn’t need to look very far. Martin is her neighbor.

Patsy’s life may have changed, but Martin says that Patsy has a way of changing the lives of people she meets.

“We’ve called her our little miracle girl and she’s touched the hearts of everybody who’s met her,” said Martin.

Because Patsy was found as a stray, Martin says we may never know who did this to Patsy.


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