MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – An injured baby hawk was rescued but he may not have been alone.

A baby bird inside an aviary is going through recovery and the question now is, “Are there other hawks that are hurt?”

Laurel Gunderson is glad they got ahold of this hawk when they did.

“It’s such a huge privilege to be able to handle them,” said Gunderson.

The red-shouldered raptor is just 6 weeks old and was found in bad shape in a Marysville yard.

“The person who found him in the yard put him in a box and brought it to the police station, which is a great idea,” said Gunderson.

This migratory species can only be taken in by experts like Gunderson and her husband, who are part of wildlife rehabilitation and release.

“He’s not used to taking care of himself. If he got on the ground and the dog got him, he’d be done,” said Gunderson.

The hawk, too young to know if it’s a male or female, is only known by its case number 05-28-12-1.

The hawk has no name because they should not, and cannot, be kept as pets.

“It’s a crime, but it’s also morally wrong to do that to a wild bird,” said Gunderson.

Gunderson is begging anyone who saw other hurt hawks to turn them in.

“We really need to have them all,” said Gunderson.

Usually two to four hawks nest together and need that companionship to grow and thrive.

“They’re so fierce, and so strong, so magnificent and beautiful,” said Gunderson.

Gunderson and her husband look forward to the day they can set the bird of prey free.

The hawk won’t be alone for long. It is going to another rescue facility in Lincoln and joined by other birds just like it.


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