SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Stephen Sieck was the war veteran turned victim found in a gory murder scene.

His apartment was full of soot and smoke from arson, and according to an affidavit obtained by CBS13, the suspects stabbed him multiple times in the head and neck.

To cover their tracks, documents say someone poured an accelerant on the carpet to start a fire, no doubt hoping it would throw off detectives.

But the fire didn’t destroy a rolled up rug in the bathtub that had a large amount of blood, and bloody bed linens rolled up inside the rug.

As detectives searched Sieck’s place, they noticed what wasn’t there, a couch, mattress, a TV, and one of Sieck’s kitchen knives.

According to the documents, neighbors told detectives a man and woman moved furniture from Sieck’s place into a U-Haul.

Investigators believe Stacey Perryman and Bryan Denton were the ones doing the moving.

Court documents show Perryman rented a U-Haul in Bakersfield and a storage unit in Elk Grove.

After following an electronic trail and clues, police arrested the pair at a motel in Bakersfield.

The documents hint that the victim may have known Perryman.

CBS13 researched Perryman’s phone number listed in the affidavit. As a contact for Perryman, it comes back to an escort website.

According to Sieck’s phone records, about a month before the murder that number appeared on his phone.

Detectives are piecing together clues from across the state, leading to two accused killers less than a week after finding Sieck’s body.

Investigators say the couple, also took Sieck’s car and burned it in Kern County.

In the documents when they searched the car, it says police found a large kitchen knife similar to the one that was missing from Sieck’s place.


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