By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – First there was the police standoff inside the family’s home, now they are left locked out of their house weeks later.

Darrel Atkinson is locked out of his home.

“They said I can’t go in there,” said Atkinson.

West Sacramento Code Enforcement says its uninhabitable.

So now he and his wife are sleeping in the bed of their truck in the driveway.

“It takes me about 30 minutes to get in the back,” said Atkinson.

It has been a serious struggle for Atkinson.

“In general, feel like somebody’s run over me,” said Atkinson.

His daughter is in jail after a standoff at the home. She allegedly took her own mother hostage.

Atkinson went to the hospital that night for a heart condition, then his daughter escaped her interrogation room, and police tracked her down.

Now code enforcement says the home is unhealthy, filled with garbage, dirty dishes, and too many cats.

Friends and neighbors are offering to help.

“We just heard they were here tonight, so we came over right away,” said Michelle Somkopoulos.

So far, there’s been no coordination for a clean-up

“I can’t clean it myself. I don’t have anybody that can clean it, several people have said they would help me but so far I’m not doing to good at it,” said Atkinson.

A man shut out of his own home and until it’s picked up, he’s sleeping in his pickup truck.

“That’s the only place I’ve got,” said Atkinson.


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