SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s been six years since Section 8 vouchers were given out in Sacramento County and now the demand is greater than ever as more than 100,000 families could be competing for help.

“I’ve always been a working mom, always. I’m not so lucky now,” said Christina Hicks, Section 8 applicant.

So many people are looking for work with little luck in the sour economy that many are struggling to make ends meet.

Hicks is no different.

“I lost my job a couple years ago, behind my daughter being ill,” said Hicks.

Hicks has been on the Section 8 Housing Voucher waiting list for seven years now with no sign of relief for the mother of four.

“Yes, it’s very frustrating,” said Hicks. “It’s even harder when you have children and no income.”

Now she’s trying her luck again, the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency will begin accepting online applications for Section 8 Monday, June 4, 2012.

They’re expecting more than 100,000 applications, three times more than six years ago, before the economy tanked.

“We have so few vouchers available to serve the need and depends on funding,” said MaryLiz Paulson, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency.

For desperate families, winning a voucher is like winning the lottery and the odds don’t seem much better.

“We think we can serve 3,000, then we’ll open it every two years,” said Paulson.

There are vouchers for just three out of every 100 families applying. Hicks worries without help she will be forced to leave the state.

“I’ve told my children if need be, we would probably have to go back home,” said Hicks.

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency wants people to know that they are only accepting online applications.

The process starts on Monday goes until midnight on Friday.

Visit the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency website for the application.


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