YUBA CITY (CBS13) – Police in Yuba City have served eviction notices to over 100 homeless people who live along the Feather River as the city moves forward with building a park there.

CBS13 went to the area on Thursday to see what those living there planned to do next, and we ran into a woman named Jackie. She lives by the river and she brought us to one of the homeless camps here. We talked to some people who said they don’t what they’re going to do when they’re forced to leave six weeks.

homeless jackie Yuba City Homeless Served Eviction Notices To Make Way For Park

A homeless woman named Jackie says she’s been living in the river bottoms of Yuba City for about two years after falling into hard times. (credit: CBS13)

Jackie has been living in the brush near the river for more than two years. She’s a cancer survivor. She says she has a master’s degree. But through bad luck, and bad choices, she’s homeless.

“It’s just hard living,” she said.

After a mile-long walk, Jackie finally led us to a camp on the banks of the Feather River. A look inside reveals there’s a bed, a couch, even a family dog.

But the dozens of men, women, and at times children who live here were given notice by Yuba City police Wednesday that they have six weeks to move out. Most have nowhere to go.

“She’s got a vehicle and stuff. She’s probably gonna live in her vehicle,” one camper said.

The city is clearing out the area after receiving a grant to build a park on Willow Island.

“Part of this project is it creates more access (to the river),” said Parks and Recreation Director Brad McIntire. “People need to feel safe when they go to a park.”

The city says it’s doing its best to help the homeless but with limited resources, for Jackie it means facing another obstacle.

“We’re not allowed to go into the city,” she said. “We’re not allowed on private property. Basically, we’re in a box.”

Now while a lot of people don’t have homes, a lot of them do have possessions. They city says it will leave open access points during business hours so people can move stuff in and out for the next six weeks. The city will also put some items in storage for up to six months.

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