DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis police are looking for a man who exposed and touched himself while watching women from outside their windows.

The Peeping Tom has been targeting apartment complexes of young women. The latest case happened Thursday night.

CBS13 is hiding the identity of the victims because the suspect is still out there.

“When I saw him, he was touching himself and trying to get into my room,” one of the women told CBS13’s Maria Medina on Friday of an incident May 23.

The startling scene outside her bedroom window: a man staring at her, touching himself and refusing to leave.

“He didn’t want me to shut the window,” she said. “He wanted me to finish watching him so he was kind of like pushing the screen so I wouldn’t close the window, and I started shouting at him, telling him he was disgusting.”

Her screams apparently scared him off, and when police arrived she realized the Peeping Tom had removed the motion lights from her apartment.

Then Thursday night not too far away, another woman said it happened to her.

“There was a guy standing about five feet from the window basically touching himself,” she said.

She said the man was staring at her through her window as she watched TV with friends.

“He just kept looking even when we were shutting the window,” she said. “He just kept staring and kept going.”

Davis police are now on high alert and say the cases are likely connected.

“We’ve taken this on as a serious investigation in our detective unit,” Lt. Paul Doroshov. “Both of them are described as dark-complexioned males, both of them are described as having a black hooded-style sweatshirt.”

The victims are both college students in their 20s.

Police say they’re also looking into whether this same Peeping Tom may be behind two other cases in March of a man staring at a woman through her window as he touches himself. The locations are all close to each other.

And just a few days ago, a woman woke up to an intruder in her bedroom wearing a black hoodie. Police aren’t sure if that case is connected, but they’re increasing foot patrols through apartments in Davis.

The victims are now warning other women in Davis to keep their windows and blinds closed.

“Just grow up. Leave us alone,” was one of the woman’s message to the suspect.


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