AUBURN (CBS13) – There just doesn’t appear to be enough room for cyclists, hikers and horses on some Auburn high-traffic trails.

“A bike was flying down there and he saw me and I saw him and somehow he was able to stop. It was close, really close,” said equestrian Kayli Davidson.

It’s a dangerous situation that some people say has happened far too many times.

“Sometimes nobody likes to yield,” said cyclist Oliver Bell.

Most of the scenic trails in the Auburn area are meant to be multi-use. Hikers, bikers and equestrians share the path, but lately it’s been a challenge for mountain bikers and equestrians to play nice.

“They are singletrack trails, so there’s really only room for one person to go pass without someone stepping aside,” said Bell.

Some equestrians say it’s the narrow trails and steep drop-offs that worry them.

“The horse could get spooked and the horse could go over or the rider could go over,” said Davidson.

The Forest Hill Divide Loop is just one of many popular trails for mountain bikers and equestrians where the battle between a bike and a large animal gets risky.

“It’s the tight corner the horses don’t see them coming and to a horse that’s a scary animal coming at them in a hurry,” said equestrian Dwayne Lenzinger.

Some cyclists say solving the problem is simple; provide more accessible trails for bike riders to enjoy.

“There’s too many trails that are off-limits to cyclists,” said Bell. “It causes us to be concentrated to small areas.”

But equestrians have their own opinion on that idea.

“They need to get a map and review what’s out there because there are plenty of trails for bikers,” said Davidson.


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