SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It was quite the scene on T Street in east Sacramento on Wednesday morning as crews worked to take down a large, diseased tree.

Bonnie Allen and her grandson Eli watched the show from their stoop as Urban Forestry cut down the massive tree, which had fallen victim to Dutch elm disease.

“It’s been a beautiful tree and it’s just very sad to have it go, but it’s been diseased,” she said. “Every day we look out on this tree and it’s provided shade and beauty, so it’s sad to have it go.”

T street between 39th and 42 streets had one lane shut down as crews used a big crane, chain saw, wood chipper and a blower in order to remove the elm from the ground.

“Safety is first and a tree that’s dying, we don’t want it falling on our house or on our car, so we know it has to be done,” Bonnie said.

With Sacramento known as the city of trees, Dutch elm disease is an ongoing problem in the city. Nipping it in the bud early will prevent spreading.

“It’s sad to see trees go, but it will be nice to see them put something new in,” said George Godfrey, another T Street resident. 5 sec

Dutch elm disease is caused by the spread of elm bark beetles

“Just something that comes up through the roots, through the ground, and hits them,” he said.

There is going to be another street closure on Thursday on G Street between 21st and 22nd streets.

Urban Forestry says once it completely removes the elm on T Street, a new tree will be planted to replace it.


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