SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Raley’s workers are one step closer to walking off the job after voting “yes” to authorize a strike.

“Frustrating because we really just want to keep working,” said Raley’s employee Lori Thurn.

After months of negotiations, Raley’s workers say it’s time after voting “yes” to go on strike if there’s no resolution soon.

“It’s just a tool that we can use to get a fair and equitable contract,” said Thurn.

There is one thing that workers like Thurn and Raley’s agree on though, a strike would be devastating to the employees and the community.

Union truck drivers, she says, agree they would not cross the picket line.

“Unfortunately for Raley’s that would mean a lack of bread and perishables and daily goods,” said Thurn.

So, how’s does the supermarket chain feel it can handle a possible strike?

“It’ll be, definitely be, a challenge 47,” said Raley’s spokesperson John Segale.

The spokesperson says they’re always prepared in case of a strike, including hiring temporary workers.

“There’s plans right now that we don’t want to share with the public,” said Segale. “We have a strong desire to be able to get a contract resolution right now.”

Raley’s wants workers to pay about $60 a month to help cover health care costs and wants to get rid of Sunday and holiday bonus pay for new employees.

Negotiations continue on Friday.

“We have got to lower our operating costs so we can remain in business for the years to come,” said Segale.

The question is, exactly who will pay to fix the problem?

“It’s going to be a terrible hardship and we even worry about Raley’s,” said Thurn.


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