HERALD (CBS13) – Thousands of grasshoppers are taking over one Herald couple’s property.

“Herald, California, best place to live. Well, up to three days ago,” said Debbie Campbell.

Then these guys popped up.

“They’re everywhere,” said Debbie.

It’s an insect infestation.

“We’re being invaded,” said Brian Campbell.

Grasshoppers are taking over the Campbell family farm. They saw some a few days ago.

“But, then it went to the extreme,” said Debbie.

They’re covering the house, the ground and everywhere you look.

Water doesn’t scare them and there’s way too many for the wild animals to eat.

“Maybe a horror film director will come by and get them,” said Debbie.

Maybe it’s not that dramatic, but these things really are all over.

“Like popcorn, they’re everywhere,” said Debbie.

The dog doesn’t seem to mind and neither does Debbie’s grandson.

“My grandson, who’s three, thinks this is the best thing he’s ever seen because they pop on him and he gets to scream and run; but, I’m not appreciating it much,” said Debbie.

The Campbells are worried about their crops.

“They’re eating every vegetable you got up front,” said Brian.

As long as these guys are here, they’ve stopped planting.

“I don’t wanna feed them,” said Debbie.

Now, they just want to figure out how to get the greedy grasshoppers out of here.


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