Chris Sheridan of weighs in on the future of Erik Spoelstra in Miami should the Heat not advance to the NBA Finals.

He also talks about LeBron James’ performance in late-game situations, why we judge him so harshly regardless of what the statistics say, and why the casual fan loves to hate James and the Heat. This leads to a comparison between the respective work ethics of LeBron and Kobe Bryant, and why Kobe can get away with essentially making whatever decision he wants as a result of his drive during practice session.

Sheridan continues by discussing the Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, saying that the Spurs have a very slim chance of beating Oklahoma City for two straight games. The Spurs jumped out to a 2-0 series lead before Oklahoma City woke up and took the next three. Finally, Grant and Chris have a brief chat about the NBA Draft and who the Kings could be looking at with the number five pick.


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