SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Protestors delivered 75,000 petitions to the governor’s office Thursday, urging him to reconsider health care cuts.

They’ve come from all over the state, healthcare workers, seniors and disabled people, desperate to keep their benefits.

Hundreds of protestors rallied at the state capitol to send Gov. Jerry Brown a message.

Facing a $16 billion deficit, the governor says he’s forced to make painful cuts, slashing $125 million from in-home supportive health services. Specifically, he wants to eliminate funding for patients living with roommates and for disabled children receiving state dollars so parents can care for them at home.

Christina Oceguera, who watches over daughter Polina around the clock, says it’s critical funding that can’t be cut without consequences.

“It’s very important for us to take care of our own children, because we do it with that love and care that they need, because we are their mothers,” said Oceguera.

Health care advocates also argue that the cuts might save money right now, but will lead to far more expenses down the road when patients are forced to leave their homes for facilities.

“To hospitalize these people, it costs $5,000 a month. To keep them at home where they are cared for by someone they know, it costs about $800 a month,” said Doug Moore, United Domestic Workers of America.

Advocates also say for every $2 spent by the state, the federal government sends $4 into the state, and that funding would go away.

Brown’s proposed health care cuts could also face legal challenges in court, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office.


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