YUBA (CBS13) – A local animal shelter says it’s far over capacity and now is sending an unusual plea to the public.

The overcrowding issue with cats at the Sutter County Animal Shelter has gotten so bad that they are asking people to hold on to the stray cats until they have the space available to take them in.

“I have one and I wanted another one, so they can be playmates growing up,” said cat owner Diann Branton.

Branton walked out of the shelter with a new cat to take home but unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as they’d like it to at the shelter.

“No one is adopting them. They’re having to put them to sleep. It’s sad,” said Branton.

It’s a no vacancy situation at the Sutter County Animal Shelter. That’s the case for cats at least at the shelter manager Robert Clary says they’re over their maximum capacity limit.

“Last week we had 112,” said Clary.

The overcrowding problem has been so bad that the shelter is asking local rescue organizations to help them house the cats that come in. They’re also asking people who are bringing in unwanted cats to wait.

“I have to ask them if they can keep that cat at your home; or if it’s a stray cat, can you live with that cat in your yard for one more day?” said Clary.

He says if they take in any more additional cats they would have to euthanize the adoptable cats that have been sitting in cages at the shelter.

“That unfortunately might be the case, where we have a very adoptable animal that we’re going to lose simply because there’s not enough room,” said Clary.

The shelter says controlling the cat population in shelters comes down to the owner’s responsibility.

“When a family pet is brought into your home, it should be a life long commitment for the animal. Just rethink your commitment for your animals,” said Clary.

The shelter is currently in the process of building a new facility with more room to accommodate the growing population of stray animals.

The Sutter County Animal Shelter is also encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter your animals to help control the stray animal population.


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