Grant started off the Friday show talking about I’ll have another going down and not being able to compete for the Triple Crown this weekend, he also talked about Lebron’s amazing performance last night, in Game 6, against the Celtics. He wonders what chance the Celtics have in South Beach, on Saturday night, for a victory. Grant asked what sporting event you’d like to attend this weekend. Game 7 in NBA, Game 5 in NHL, The Belmont Stakes, if I’ll have another was racing, The US OPEN, The French Open or inter-league play.

Dick Jerardi, from the Philadelphia Daily News talked to Grant about I’ll have another going down and not being able to race this weekend. The injury is likely one that will end his career It has now been announced that he will be retired. This type of injury is very common. He said this injury will really impact people viewing the game. Dick says the weather in NY tomorrow looks good. The Belmont Stakes is ran on the biggest race track in America, at 1.5 miles. The other tracks are 1 mile long.

Brian Davis, the play by play television voice for the Oklahoma City Thunder joins Grant, prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, on Monday. Brian says the atmosphere is OKC is amazing right now and that at the beginning of the season, no one would have thought that they would be in the Finals, after starting 3-39. He talks about how much the team means to OKC and the fan support of the team. The core of the Thunder is 23 years old. Their future is very bright with the leadership team of Durant and Westbrook. The team realizes that they need to embrace this opportunity as going back to the Finals is not promised.
Ian Thomsen from Sports Illustrated talked about Game 6 last night, in Boston. Lebron put 45 points in the bucket and led his team to victory. Ian believes that Wade is playing injured and that his knee, that was drained earlier this season, is still causing him problems. He thinks that Game 7 will be very competitive.

Steve Mona, the CEO of World Golf Foundation talked to Grant about the impact of the US Open to Northern California. With the US OPEN in SF next week, the financial impact will be huge. He also talked about the future of golf and how bright it is. Tiger Woods helped to kick start the boom, a few years ago and now the sport continues to grow.


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