LINDA (CBS13) – The Linda man who hit it big with a scratch-off lottery ticket earlier this year found himself behind bars just a few months later, accused of helping a woman with a stolen car.

car suspects $2 Million Lottery Winner From Linda Charged With Possession Of Stolen Car

John Ross Jr., left, and Skila Ann Hickman

John Ross Jr. was seemingly set for life after winning $2 million with a $5 scratcher back in February. Would he really risk it all, as deputies allege, over a broken-down, stolen car? Ross insists he did nothing wrong.

The 30-year-old still lives at home with his mom, who’s none too happy with her son’s return to the headlines in the local paper

“It all gets twisted around I told my son when he walks in ‘You know what that paper’s saying, and he goes ‘Who gives a f***?’ Well I give a f***.”

Linda’s lotto winner is out on bail facing felony charges after his arrest Sunday.

“Deputies say you were hiding a stolen car and helping a woman fix it up. Is that true?” CBS13’s Nick Janes asked Ross on Tuesday.

“It’s not true,” he said. “You guys get that camera outta my face though.”

But the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department says Ross helped a woman he met just a week ago push a broken-down stolen Honda into a backyard.

Deputies say the woman, Skila Ann Hickman, told Ross the car was ripped off and wanted him to fix it up.

“Did you know the car was stolen?”

“No I didn’t,” he told CBS13. “The car was stranded in the road and now they say I stole the car.”

“I could tell she was lying,” his mother said. “I said ‘She’s a liar.’ Whether or not he believed her, he probably had his doubts. You know, he’s not stupid. He’s pretty smart.”

Before his $2 million dollar lotto win in February, Ross didn’t have a driver’s license — or a car.

Now he has several — and a boat.

But his rags-to-riches story has taken a detour. John Ross Jr. is now charged with possession of stolen property, charges he claims are bogus.

“That’s Yuba County Sheriff’s Department for ya,” Ross said as he extended his middle finger for our camera.

Ross’ family told us he plans to use his lotto winnings to buy his own business and a home. First he’ll have to deal with these legal troubles. Ross is due in court July 17.

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