Don starts the day with Little Joe’s “‘roid rage,” as he continues to build up aggression in preparation for his boxing match against Blind Neal. Joe is especially edgy today, as he only got 2 hours of sleep as a result of his fire alarm going off. The guys get especially interested in the story when he tells us that his wife ran topless down the hall and almost out of the house before he stopped her. The guys then get into a discussion about fake holidays vs. real holidays, and why Fathers Day frustrates Don so much. This somehow leads to a reset of Craig’s encounter/date with Alien Lady Colleen from 2 years ago. Don then revisits the idea of him being King of the United States, and carrying out executions on pay per view, in light of the transcripts he has read from the Sandusky trial, that have him enraged.

After an extensive discussion of “King Don’s World,” which includes not only public executions, but sterilizations, blocking off any more immigration, and realignment of the States, we hear Blind Neal’s outgoing voice mail, which rips Little Joe, the original “Dingo ate your baby” story, and a hitchiker who was shot while writing his memoir on the kindness of Americans. We then get introduced to Craig’s new game: “Poor Man’s Remote Control,” which is loosely based on the MTV game show “Remote Control.”

After the game, we get an in studio visit from ex-Dodger Steve Sax, ex boxing champ Tony “The Tiger” Lopez, and former kickboxing champion Eric Regan, who will all be attending Little Joe’s boxing match on Thursday night. Eric will be the guest referee, and Steve and Tony will be judges. The guys discuss the card for Thursday night, strategies for both Little Joe and Blind Neal, and who they think has the advantage going in. Blind Neal even calls in to exchange some trash talk with Little Joe.

After discussing at length the show “Southern Fried Sting,” on the TruTV channel, and other fake “reality” shows, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, we hear about “pizza vending machines” coming to the U.S., the KKK wants to “Adopt A Highway” in Georgia, a roller coaster malfunction in Pennsylvania, and TV reminders for tonight. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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