SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Governor Jerry Brown is calling for more than $200 million in cuts to the in-home care program, but hundreds at the capitol urged lawmakers to find other areas to cut.

Each person at the capitol says they have a story of sacrifice, like giving up work, so they can stay home and take care of a loved one. The Stiles family represents a quiet voice among the thousands of protestors.

Tammy Stiles knew Robert Stiles when he was a skateboarder, a forklift driver and independent.

“It’s keeping him healthy,” said Tammy.

What Robert means is she’s keeping him healthy.

She’s his voice when he can’t speak, his hands when he can’t reach and his legs when he can’t move.

“He’s becoming more dependent but we’re letting him have his dignity,” said Tammy.

Robert found out 14 years ago that he has Lou Gehrig’s disease. It flipped their lives upside down.

“You know what, I love him. That’s the whole thing. Gov. Brown could come and try to pull him up,” said Tammy.

She says she can’t work anywhere else.

“I had to decide to stay home to do home care on him,” said Tammy.

They count on state funding from in-home support services to pay the bills.

“I’m hurting trying to make ends meet. At home they just raised our rent,” said Tammy.

They raised their son, who just graduated high school with just $2,000 a month.

“Doing finances and stuff is not something I wanted, but I had to take on the husband and the wife job,” said Tammy.

Now with the budget crisis legislators, looking to save anywhere and everywhere, are threatening to cut 7 percent from her paycheck.

“Why are you putting us in the poor house? We didn’t do anything wrong,” said Tammy.

She’s taken cuts the past three years, forcing her to count on food banks and her church for donations.

“You know what, it’s got to stop. There’s no more,” said Tammy.

Desperate for income, they rally with thousands at the capitol. Here for 10 days already, even getting arrested, hoping someone hears their plea.


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