SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We’re just one day from the state budget deadline as democratic legislative leaders said Thursday morning they’ve agreed on a budget.

Lawmakers are expected to start voting at the state capitol, on a budget proposal to close a $16 billion gap.

Democrats say they struck a deal that’s close to what the governor wants but they refused to slash services for the poor, saying these critical programs have been targeted with cuts far too many times. Just like Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan, the democrats’ proposal includes a 5-percent state worker pay cut and voter-approved taxes.

But they go against Brown by rejecting $1 billion in cuts, and included a smaller rainy day fund.

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg says they’re still delivering what Brown wanted.

Balance the budget in the budget year, balance the budget in the interim years, and in the last year have a surplus, and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” said Steinberg.

Brown has demanded a billion dollar reserve for the state, and much deeper cuts, asking democrats to save funds by reforming programs for low income students, in-home healthcare and welfare to work.

Republicans also pushed for reform to root out fraud that’s costing taxpayers.

“If we were allowed to get in and refine these programs, the cuts wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic and drastic,” said Sen. Doug Lamalfa, R-Richvale.

The bickering between the two parties is certainly nothing new, but what is new for Californians is having a balanced budget on time.

If they succeed, you can thank the voter approved measure that now docks lawmaker pay, when they fail to deliver a plan on time.

With democrats in power, their budget proposal is expected to pass with a simple majority vote.


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