By Steve Large

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – A couple of teens are in serious trouble for allegedly lighting off a smoke bomb in the middle of a local grocery store on Wednesday.

The crime led to evacuations and one injury.

It was a bomb idea that literally went up in smoke. The teen pair allegedly planted a smoke bomb inside of the Save Mart grocery store in the hopes the distraction would help them steal hard alcohol.

The directions to these smoke bombs read “use only under adult supervision”, “for outdoor use only”, and “light fuse and get away.”

But their getaway had a glitch.

They were caught on surveillance, and in this small city, an employee recognized them, so did their school resource officer who came to investigate and so did the fire marshall.

One hundred people were left standing in the parking lot after the smoke cleared out the entire store.

It didn’t take long for police to find the pair. They were at a nearby park.

From the alcohol aisle, two teens are likely now Save Mart exiles.

The alleged smoke bomb bandits wanted hard alcohol. Now they could do hard time.

One store employee did receive medical treatment for smoke inhalation. The teens are facing charges of criminal conspiracy and arson.


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