By Mikhail Chernyavsky

Disturbing nudity, crude jokes and washed up celebrities fill the laughs of Adam Sandler’s latest film.

As far as laughs go, this is sadly one of Sandler’s best films in recent attempts.

Donny (Sandler) has an affair with his math teacher in high school and ends up fathering a child with her. As a result of the scandal, Donny becomes an overnight sensation for fulfilling just about every teenage boy’s fantasy. From the fame comes fortune, which Donny quickly squanders, and finds himself strapped for cash.

Money problems aren’t the only thing Donny is facing. His lack of maturity drives his son, Todd (Andy Samberg), away after his 18th birthday.

The film follows the recent Sandler movie formula. Set up the film with a childhood sequence, then life as an adult, establish trust, betray trust, heartwarming speech to win back everyone’s admiration, and fin.

Sandler’s performance is reminiscent of a drunken Billy Madison who never grew up. And his appearance is that of the 80s wedding singer he once played, but he’s a little more worn down.

Samberg’s performance is forgettable, and his only real contribution to the film is that he is recognizable with the younger generation. The jokes he is forced to deliver fail in comparison to the wit he is known for as a member of The Lonely Island.

The film is raunchy at every possible chance. And it’s not that most of the jokes aren’t funny, but that they go to the lowest common factor for a laugh that really makes the film a disappointment.

The dirty and immature humor is reflective of Sandler’s early albums, and this film seems to be a call back to that time in his career.

The film also includes appearances by Vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges, who simply parody themselves. These are perhaps two of the funniest performances in the film as the two washed-up stars are struggling to make ends meet while working at the local ice rink.

“That’s My Boy” is suited for those looking for a cheap laugh in the form of immature sex-driven jokes.

However, I think it’s time Sandler grew up and broke out of his comfort zone again and try out more films like “Punch-Drunk Love”, which garnered him a Golden Globe nomination.


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