SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Dozens of cats are making themselves at home under a Sacramento apartment complex, but how they got there is under dispute.

“But if you have 50 to 60 cats living under each of these apartment complexes, there’s feces every where. Fleas and even complaints of rats. What are you going to do about that? You have children living on this property,” CBS13’s Ron Jones asked the apartment manager on Tuesday

We had lots questions for management at the Sky View Villa apartments on Edison Avenue in the Arden Arcade area.

“You can set up an appointment if you want to leave your card with me,” manager Erica Garcia said.

“I’m not looking for an appointment. I’m looking for answers,” Jones responded

There are reports of dozens of cats breeding like rabbits under the apartments “in every building,” a maintenance worker said.

Janice Rehder called us complaining about it.

“I have rescued 61 cats and found homes for them,” she said.

She says hears them living under her floors. And the rats?

“These rats are big,” she said.

She says to get rid of them management is trapping the cats under the apartments and starving them to death, leaving a foul odor and a wave of flies.

But some neighbors have turned on Janice and not management, accusing her of tossing cat food throughout the apartment complex, causing the cats and rats to multiply.

We found the food, but Janice says it’s not from her.

“She called you guys?” resident Mirage Canady said. “She’s the reason for the problem. She won’t stop doing it.”

“People are lying about it,” Janice responded.

Management says Janice’s love for cats is creating a diseased environment.

“She feels like feeding the cats is helping the cats,” Garcia said. “No, it’s not, it’s bringing more of the problem here.”

“She’s gross,” Canady said. “We call her the cat lady.”

Neighbors now want the cats and Janice out.

“She’s the reason why they’re all around the apartments and infested,” Canady said.

Management says it’s been in contact with Animal Control and that if it can prove Janice has been feeding the cats, and the rats, it may seek an eviction.


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