Grant was joined by Alan Bastable the senior editor for Golf Magazine. They discussed the US Open over the weekend and the events that transpired. They talked about Tiger Woods’ performance and why the sports media need/want him to “be back” so bad, and if he’ll ever catch Jack.

Former Sacramento King and current ESPN Basketball analyst came on to talk about the NBA Finals. They talked about the play of LeBron James, and how his play has elevated in games two and three. Jon talked about what it’s like to “have to” work in Miami, and what the Thunder need to do to take back control of the series.

Mike Breen stopped bu to talk NBA Finals. They talked about the Thunders coaching mistakes in game 3 and what they need to do to ensure they don’t go down 3-1 to the Miami Heat. They talked about LeBron James and Kevin Durant and the leadership both have shown. Mike gives his picks for who wins the Finals as well.

Kevin Calabro, the former play-by-play announcer for the Seattle Supersonics joined Grant to talk about the rally that occurred over the weekend in Seattle in which Chris Hanson announced plans to build a new downtown arena in hopes of bringing an NBA franchise back to Seattle. He talked about the pain that the people of Seattle have felt since the team left, and the added pain of watching the Thunder in the NBA Finals.

Current Washington Redskin Defensive Back, and Sacramento native Brandyn Thompson joined Grant to talk about how mini camp has been going. What new quarterback Robert Griffin III looks like so far. They discussed the upcoming season and what we can expect from the Redskins this season.


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