SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In midtown Sacramento, there’s a new gun shop and a new firestorm to go with it.

It used to be a restaurant, but when the restaurant left, the building got boarded up and stayed an eyesore for a couple years.

Now, while some welcome new business, others are pretty fired up.

The corner in midtown has its own unique mix of antique shops, salons, bars, and restaurants that creates a quirky character on the corner of 24th and J Streets.

“I love what they’ve done with it,” said Sonia Grant. “I think they’ve done great restaurants and changed things up a lot.”

Grant walks these blocks on her lunch break, but what’s about to pop up stopped them in her tracks.

“Kids hang out; it’s lively in the evening. I just don’t know that it belongs there,” said Grant talking about the gun shop.

“My initial thought — it makes me kinda nervous,” said Cindy Pelz.

Up in arms over firearms, M and J Gun Trade is two to four weeks from opening.

Steven Pera, owner of Peradice, just celebrated one year of selling gifts and artwork a block away.

“It’s not that we’re anti-gun by any stretch of imagination,” said Pera.
But Pera says guns, are a misfire in midtown.

“It’s hip and it’s young and it’s like, really? A gun store?” said Pera.

The soon-to-be owner Jessie Figueroa tells CBS13 what he’s shooting for.

“I come across a lot of old antique guns and collectibles. I thought it’s a good idea,” said Figueroa.

He owns a couple of antique shops, and now has a license to sell firearms. He says he’s sticking with antique guns, but legally he can sell any types of handguns, rifles, and ammunition.

“There’s always liberals, which I respect, but we have to make a living,” said Figueroa.

Jessie says he’ll provide 10 jobs, and tax revenue.

“It’s a shocking thing for some of the neighbors but its nothing crazy,” said Figueroa. “It’s in constitution you can own a gun, something to protect yourself.”

The owner of a 21-year-old barber shop across the street says M and J Gun Trade is just the shot in the arm the corner needs.

“Give the neighborhood a little more action,” said David Hosuton.

They’re going to bar up in the windows and keep normal hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So when the bar is open, they’ll be closed.

Some people worry about a school nearby, but the city says a gun store is considered like any other retail store in their books. So there is no regulation other than it has to be in a spot-zoned for retail.

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