RIVERBANK (CBS13) – Seniors at a Riverbank apartment complex are upset they could be evicted from their homes, because of their potted plants.

Their apartment complex warns if they have too many plants, they could be kicked out.

At first glance, having five potted plants may not seem like such a big deal, but at Willow Pointe Apartments, you’re only allowed three and seniors have been warned they could be kicked out if they don’t follow the rules.

“Why can’t we have our plants,” asked resident Jessie.

Don’t get between Jessie and her precious potted plants.

“I love plants,” said Jessie.

She loves them enough to apparently break the rules.

“I’m in violation of pot size with three of my pots but I’m not going to get rid of them,” said Jessie.

She’s one of several seniors at this low-income Riverbank complex speaking out against what they claim is “just harassing the elderly,” said resident Eileen Long.

“Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we haven’t got some rights,” said Long.

A letter from the property management company spells it out: no more than three medium-sized potted plants are allowed. Violators can face eviction.

To these fired up ladies that seems ridiculous. They like keeping active, especially during the summer and don’t like being told what they can and can’t do at their own homes.

“We don’t want to sit idle in our units and just wait to die,” said Jessie.

“So what’s the point of the rule in the first place,” CBS13’s Nick Janes asked a maintenance manager.

“Go ahead look around, we’ve got nothing to hide,” said Salvador Sanchez.

He explains that it’s about safety. Too many potted plants could block first responders from getting into a unit during an emergency.

Would the complex really kick someone out for having a few extra?

“I’ll say it as simple as this, that paper was sent out a while ago,” said Sanchez.

Has anyone been kicked out; the answer so far is no.

We reached the president of the Arizona-based property management company. She says she has no plans to evict anyone. A couple of seniors say if they are kicked out, they’ll sue.

Residents say this isn’t the first time they’ve battled with the apartment complex over potted plants. Last month, they collected signatures and submitted a letter to the city of Riverbank asking for help.


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