Don begins with Lebron’s “S” bomb on national TV last night, during Game 4 of the NBA finals. He then introduces us to a “sex addicts hotline” a listener hipped him to, before telling us about his visit to the dentist yesterday, the ladies that work there, being given the remote to the DIRECT TV while in the chair, and the procedure that will be done to implant a new tooth. We also hear that the station is getting AC upgrades throughout the building, which means there will be no AC in most of the building today. Don also calls his brother Jim numerous times today, first to ask him if he ever knew about the “D.O.T.” story, then to talk about the Mark Twain School he attended, his son he found on Facebook, their lousy parents, and how their parents got their Aunt Levita to spy on him.

After Don shows us a picture of an octopus stuck to a dolphin’s genitals, and tells us about the time he lost his virginity, we hear Dave Barnett, voice of the Texas Rangers, and his on air rambling during Monday night’s Rangers/Padres game. We then hear about some San Diego middle school students who were suspended for masturbating in class, and that the Texas dad who killed the guy molesting his 5 year old daughter will not be indicted. We also hear the 911 call from Rodney King’s fiancee the morning Rodney was found at the bottom of his pool.

We then get a visit from comedian Greg Fitzsimmons. Greg, who will be performing at the Punchline in Sacramento this weekend, talks about his life in comedy, his radio show and podcast, the kind of radio he really likes, and how comedian Kevin Meaney helped him out on his way up. He also does a Phantom news intro! After Greg we hear about a Florida man who was caught trying to steal a Trojan Twister vibrator from a Walgreens, and Don calls the Palm Bay store to talk to the employees.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about Regis co-hosting “Today” with Kathie Lee, Jim Carey backs out of “Dumb And Dumber 2,” and gives us the TV reminders for tonight. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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