SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at a commercial laundry plant that has left at least 20 people without a place to work.

“I don’t even know where to start,” said owner Linda Ramos.

Ramos of Dust-Tex, a commercial laundry plant, is searching for answers.

“All I can think of is where do I go from here? What do I do?” asked Ramos. “I mean, it’s going to be months and months before I have a business again.”

When firefighters arrived just before midnight Wednesday night on Otto Circle, they found three quarters of the building burning with heavy smoke coming out of the roof.

“I was shocked to see it on the news this morning and you’re getting ready to come to work, and it’s like holy cow, it’s right next door. I’m sorry for them,” said a nearby employed man.

That’s an understatement, a bunch of employees are now without a job.

“There’s probably a good 20 or 30 people in there I think that won’t have a place to come to work today,” said the man said.

In addition to the fire department, PG&E was called out to turn off the gas to the building as firefighters worked to keep it from combusting with all the supplies inside.

“There is clothes, rags, anything that they would use in the industry, aprons, detergents and I was told there was some chlorine in the building,” said Chief Chris Ortiz, Sacramento Fire.

It’s still unknown what the owner will do with this industrial laundry plant in South Sacramento, if they will pick up the pieces, rebuild and move on, or just simply shut it down.

Firefighters were on scene for more than 7 hours after they received the call.


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