Don beins with a simple question: Why are we still #2 in the ratings? Even though our numbers are up, we are still behind those hacks Rob Arnie and Dawn. And although Don has a tremendous amount of respect for Armstrong and Getty, who put out a good show every day, he hates how lazy Rob Arnie and Dawn are, how fake they are, and how disloyal they are to their fans. Don calls them the “Jay Leno of radio,” and tells Steve to write a parody song about them for tomorrow’s show. Don then calls in Ron from promotions, and their new intern, Bobby the Fish. The guys decide to send Ron and Bobby to the Florin Rd. Food Max in South Sac to give away the new Don Geronimo air fresheners. We then hear that G.M. Steve Porsche is going on a 2 week vacation in Europe with 30 of his clients. Don gives the clients some helpful hints on how to spend their vacation time with our fearless leader.

After viewing the new instructional video emailed to us by CBS on social networking, the guys talk about Ann Curry getting fired from the “Today” show, and play a few of her best condescending commentaries. The guys also hear clips from Regis’ appearance on the “Today” show with Kathie Lee, and Jack Osbourne talking about being diagnosed with M.S. After Don tells us few stories about an old “Lady DJ friend” who got breast implants, the guys talk about plastic surgery, and what they would have done to themselves if they were given free plastic surgery. We then hear about a youtube video taken of some punk adolescents harassing a bus monitor, and what Don would do to these little brats if he were King of America.

After 2 rounds of a new edition of “Match Game,” it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about the Supreme Court’s ruling against the FCC’s indecency suit, TV reminders for tonight, the cast for NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes” have been announced, and the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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