SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There are new details revealed about a Twin Rivers police officer charged with beating suspects in handcuffs.

This isn’t the first time that 37-year-old Officer Branche Smith has been in trouble with the law.

Smith was convicted twice for drunk driving, once in 1997 and once in 2005.

Smith was placed on probation twice and still allowed to work for the school district based police force.

But now the man once charged with serving and protecting is facing new charges of allegedly choking two handcuffed detainees and kicking another in the head.

Tierra Sandford says she isn’t surprised. The Foothill High School junior says Smith was well known among students and not in a good way.

“None of the students really liked him,” said Sandford.

And it wasn’t just because he was a police officer.

“It was just him; we didn’t have any problem with any other officers,” said Sandford.

Sanford says Smith would often curse at students on campus.

“Like shut the h-word up and all that type of stuff,” said Sandford. “I heard him say the f-word before.”

Now the officer with apparent anger management problems has some new legal problems to work out.


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