Today on the Grant Napear Show Ray Fosse cam on to discuss this weekends series between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants. They talked about what a great series it was to watch and the continued struggles of Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum, Jeff Goodman dropped by to talk about the upcoming NBA Draft. He weighed in on who he thinks is going to go #2 in the draft and which player has the biggest risk/reward factor. He talked about if the Kings drafted Andre Drummond if he could coexist with DeMarcus Cousins as well as addressing the Kings trade rumors.

Bill Laskey wrapped up the show by talking about the weekend Bay Bridge Series and where both the Giants and A’s can go from here. He talked about the changes the Giants need to make to get back the dominant pitching that they are known for. He talked about the inconsistencies of the Oakland A’s and if he thinks they will make the playoffs


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