ISLETON (CBS13) – From death threats to vandalism, the former Isleton police chief says he’s found himself the victim of crimes.

Steve Adams received threatening phone calls.

“That I was a dead man,” Adams said the unknown person called him.

He believes the mysterious caller didn’t stop there.

Adams says the strange activities continued nearly every week since he lost his job as Isleton police chief.

He found the gate leading into his backyard open. He found his patio furniture rearranged with chairs up against a door and another up against a sliding glass door.

His car was broken into, and then there was the unwelcome visitor at his door.

“I heard somebody at the front door shaking vigorously, trying to get in the house,” said Adams.

Just a few weeks ago, Adams says someone tried to burn a message in his lawn with chemicals, and then earlier this week somebody was hitting and shaking his garage door.

Adams says someone is clearly trying to scare him, and it is working. He thinks it has something to do with him leaving Isleton.

“Because we’ve lived here for several years and have never had a problem,” said Adams.

Why do you think anybody would be mad at you?” asked CBS13’s Maria Medina.

“I have a lot of information that they know I have,” said Adams.

He was in the middle of huge cases before losing his job. The first was an investigation into one of his own, an officer accused of having sex while on duty. Another case was against a council member investigated for selling and doing drugs.

“Doing the right thing is not always the most popular thing and I think that’s the situation I’m in right now,” said Adams.

There’s no way to know how this situation will end, but one thing is certain. Adams is fearful for his safety and life.

Adams says he thinks he knows who’s behind the strange activity, but he has no proof.

City leaders fired Adams in early June saying they were going in a different direction.


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