By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Somewhere on Villa Juares Circle lives a mystery good samaritan.

It’s a hero who likely saved the neighbor’s life with a simple phone call to cops.

“He was really grateful. He was trying to figure out who called. ‘There was a neighbor that called that saved my life. If it wasn’t for him I would not be here,’ ” said neighbor Laura Rios quoting the man.

The samaritan saw something strange late Tuesday night in the darkness. It was his neighbor who seemed to be getting pushed into his home by strangers. So, he called 911 and stayed on the phone until police arrived.

It turns out that what he was watching was an armed home invasion. Three men were holding his neighbor captive, and threatening his life for what would become a hellish half-hour.

The men took their captive’s phone and wallet, scoured the home looking for valuables.

But, thanks to the neighbor’s phone call, police were already on the way. The bad guys heard the sheriff’s department helicopter hovering overhead.

The men asked their captive if he’d called the cops, but they had his phone.

They got spooked, ran out the door and right into police custody.

It was all thanks to a neighbor who saw something out of the ordinary and ended up doing something extraordinary.


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